Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Brave New World Order

And sacred books 
All rapists
No matter which god
They chain you and force their holy lies down your unfaithful throat
Intolerant with tolerance
Pretentious with what they despise
And liars with what they need to tame
To reign
To blame
I heard it on the news that they seduced the people's party
The same who used to call it opium
Its red flag is at half mast
And comrades now genuflect at the shrine of sacred hatred
That you cannot name
That you cannot disagree with
That you must home
And feed
And give your daughters to for groping
'Better raped than racist'
The female eunuch chants from her wall of silence 
She stands with the oppressed who will oppress her
She talks of strategy that requires action
And mentions chaos as a tool for opportunity
Mea culpa is the new firewall
And truth is inappropriate
Forget your history 
Spit on your values
Ditch your bigotry 
Embrace the chains
Inhale the scent of do-goodism 
Enjoy this rohypnol shisha that eats up your emotions
You are the new pate de foie gras
In this egalitarian extravaganza of homogeneity 
No borders
A massive whopper of a saviour 
A blended melting pot of justice for the wronged
All is submissively covered
Think modest
Think ethnically enhanced
Beautifully abused
Forcefully veiled granddaughters
But meals for all
Say welcome to the trojan horse
For it is hungry and angry
A carpet has been laid for its arrival
Be tolerant with the intolerant from far
But not your neighbour
Tomorrow belongs to stones

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